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How much does a Magician charge?

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

So, how much does a Professional Magician charge!

Now there's a question! And your'll be pleased to hear there is an answer too!

How much does a Magician charge?

As a busy Professional Magician I am happy telling you what I charge and to also give you my thoughts on what you should pay for a Magician at your party, wedding or event. I know in the past when my wife and I were trying to organise events or parties how infuriating it was when suppliers did not tell you their price! They would go into great detail about pretty much everything but then not give you one of the single most important details you need to know! So, this is why I try to be clear about all my fees as soon as possible!

I charge £390 for a two hour booking, which is the most common type and tends to work very well for most events. But if you only want me for an hour my fee is £290. (I did an hour booking an awards event a couple of days ago. There were maybe 150 guests so I had no chance of getting around to everyone but they only needed me for the one hour champagne reception.) A 90 minute booking costs £340. Three hours is £450 and I charge £500 for four hours.

Now, I know this is not cheap but it really is on the lower end of what you will pay for anyone who is any good! I do not claim to be David Blain, Derren Brown, Dynamo or Penn & Teller, but I am pretty good and am better at what I do than anyone else!

I choose my material very carefully and most importantly I'm fun! I know many Magician who charge much more than me and who also vary their prices depending how busy they are and also charge travel expenses too! But that feels a little wrong to me so I charge the same fees all the time with no added extras.

I recently was offered a free go on one of these events booking websites and must admit I was very excited when all the offers came in but I very quickly realised that most of the enquires are not serious and the few that are going to book want the cheapest Magician they can find! I've met a couple of people over the years who offer their services as Close-Up Magicians for next to nothing but the clients who booked them were usually very disappointed and often rather angry!

So my advise would be if you are thinking of booking a cool, talented, fun Close-Up Magician for your party, wedding or event, book me! But if not, do a little homework and do not just go with someone cheap! Close Up Magic is a wonderful ice-breaker at any event but the Magician should be professional and punctual and all of his/her effects should not only be amazing but also fun!

Darren Whichello - The Rat-Pack Magician - Magician for hire!

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