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  • Darren Whichello

A busy start to 2024!

I'm really looking forward to entertaining all the guests at the upcoming European Casino Awards, wish me luck!

I know I should not admit this but I do always worry at the start of a new year that the bookings will not come in! Particularly as January and February can sometimes be a little on the quiet side! But luckily for the second year running the first couple of months of the year have been nice and busy! As usual, lots of last minute bookings as I know a Magician is not at the top of the list when people are organising their party or event but luckily most have realised that you can never have too much magic! And what is nice is that a couple of the bookings have come from people who saw me at events on the run up to Christmas!

So, here's to a busy 2024!

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