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Live Magic Show (or maybe online)

Are you planing a party? Do you fancy something a little different? Why not have a cool, highly entertaining live magic show as part of the fun! As well as Close-Up Magic I am very excited to also offer a Stand-Up or Parlour Magic Show!

"Parlor or Stand-Up Magic is magic that is done for more people than close-up magic, but less than stage magic. The magician is standing on the same level as the audience and usually has a small table. The routines tend to be a little longer or more involved than with Close-Up Magic and may use slightly larger props. The props are smaller and less elaborate than a Stage Magic show which means the magic can be performed closer to the audience and is far more intimate and personal."

The idea is to take the Victorian Parlour Magic Show with the elegant bow-tie wearing, mysterious Conjuror right up to date with some fast and fun, modern magic!


The magic show can be held either in your home, office or any venue you fancy! It only takes me 10 minutes to set up and apart from a little bit of room, I have no special requirements. I just turn up with my little fold-up table and a few props and the guests either gather around or take a seat and prepare to be amazed - or at least entertained!

The show can last for either around 30 or 45 minutes (whichever you prefer) and  is usually proceeded with some Close-Up mix & mingle Magic and is best suited to small to medium sized audiences - maybe 10-30 guests - but can be added to any length of booking at no extra cost and is a wonderful addition to the party!



The routines are some of my favourites, (including my all-time favourite card trick, a great 3 Shell Game routine and so much more!) some tricks are a little larger or possibly a little longer than I would perform strolling around the party but are all great fun and dare I say, magical!

So if you fancy something a little extra special at your party, wedding or event please contact me and we can arrange to add a little extra magic!

Cool Close-Up Magician performing The 3 Shell Game
Amazing Magic Show - Fast & Fun Magic in your home!
Online  Magic Show

The show is also available online! It's still interactive but has been slightly changed to work direct from my home to yours!

So if you do not want me to come to you, why not come to me - virtually - and invite all your friends and family or maybe work colleagues (from all around the world!) for some Parlour Magic!

Cool & mysterious Magician!
Fun Close-Up Magician
Elegant Close-Up, Stand-Up & Parlour Magic. Darren Whichello - Magician for hire!
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