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Close-Up Magician for hire

My name is Darren Whichello, a Close-Up Magician who combines old school charm with a quick wit and cool modern magic! I was personally trained by Magic Circle President, Jack Delvin and have performed on stage at The Magic Circle Theatre, without a doubt the most prestigious magic venue in the world! I have been a professional Magician for over a decade now and am very versatile. I have performed for all sorts of clients in all sorts of locations (including The Beefeaters at the Tower of London for their annual dinner!) and am equally at ease in top venues like Claridges Hotel, The Savoy, The Hurlingham Club, Heaver Castle or St Paul's Cathedral as I am entertaining guests in restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs & offices as well as private homes and gardens too. 

So, whether you need me to greet guests as they arrive, mingle as the party flows or go around the tables during dinner, you can rest assured that all your guests will have a magical time which they will remember and talk about for years to come!

I would describe my style of magic as fast and fun yet unobtrusive! I understand that I am not the

reason everybody is at the party so I try not to dominate the room but instead mingle with the guests a few at a time, making them feel good, laughing, joking and hopefully amazing them too! If you need something a little bigger that is fine too, I can perform something special for a guest of honour or top table if required or even entertain the entire room.

A professional entertainer or top class Magician should be able to adapt his performance to the clients needs and not only relax and entertain the guests but allow the host to enjoy things too as well as leave wonderful memories which will stay with everyone forever!

Party Magician

Imagine the impact of a cool professional Close-Up Magician at your Cocktail or Dinner party? Or if you are planning something a little larger, why not have one of the best party Magicians in London mingle with your guests and take things to a different level!

Maybe you are thinking about a Las Vegas themed party? If so, I am your man! I often work with Sinatra style lounge singers and can throw in a few cool gambling routines to make the night a real winner by adding some great Close-Up Magic and a touch of Rat-Pack cool!

Everyone loves a Christmas party so why not make yours an extra cool Yule with a great Christmas Party Magician! Whether your Christmas bash is in a hotel, bar, restaurant, home or even in the office I can conjure up some magic and help get everyone in the mood for festive fun!

Weddings are my favourite! And as a Professional Wedding Magician it is my job to not only keep everyone entertained but to also help the day flow. Imagine, just as the service is over and the pictures are being taken, while some of  your guests are getting their first drink, a top class Close-Up Magician mingling, breaking the ice and amazing!  A great Wedding Magician at your celebrations will not only give your guests something extra to talk about but also get them laughing and joking together too and leave incredible memories! If you prefer, I could stroll around the tables before, during or after the Wedding Breakfast (I'm a great Table Magician!) or even entertain the guests in the evening. Or if you prefer do a combination of them all!

As a Professional Close-Up Magician, it is not only my job entertain you and your guests but also leave wonderful memories and give you less to worry about by keeping things flowing nicely if there are any little delays during the day.

I am available to hire for parties, weddings or corporate events, to mingle with guests or go around the tables. In fact, any occasion where a touch of magic and a cool Party Magician will make things special. 


Children's parties are not really my thing but I do always have a few cool tricks to show to any youngsters who may be attending the events I'm booked for. A normal booking is for two hours but if you want me for more or less time that is fine and I am more than happy to have a chat to discuss your needs. 

I am based in South East London but am happy travelling anywhere in Central London, Greater London as well as most of Kent & Essex and much of Surrey, Sussex, Twickenham & Middlesex as well as some of Hertfordshire, Berkshire & Hampshire too. If you are outside these areas please feel free to contact me to see what we can arrange as I am a Party Magician who is happy to go that little bit further!



And in case you are wondering why I am known as The Rat-Pack Magician? Well, it was a name though up by a good friend of mine, as I always turn up looking cool in a tuxedo and black-tie (as a Magician should!) and with my slicked-back hair and slightly retro-look it bought to mind Frank, Dean & Sammy. Another reason I like to think is the original Rat-Pack were also great fun! And no, I do not sing!

Wedding Magician 
Creating magical memories for unforgettable weddings!
The Rat-Pack Magician
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Adding a touch of Rat-Pack cool and creating magical memories that will last forever!
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