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Goodbye to 2023! (Magic in 2023)

I can't believe another year has flown by so quickly! And 2023 has not been too bad! Quiet possibly my second busiest year, slightly up on last year but still nowhere near as good as 2021 - those seven months after we came out of lock-down were wild! - I launched my Parlour Magic Show and have perfromed it a few times too! I also did something I swear I would never do again, an Online Magic Show! And there have been some great events, wonderful weddings and cool parties including a Las Vegas as well as a Great Gatsby themed event! Loads of awards dinners, one of which at over 800 guests was my biggest yet! I had the chance to work with other Magicians and also perfromed for Tiffany & Co. at their Mayfair store for Christmas!

cool, elegant Magician

So, thank you to all the people who booked me in 2023, especially those clients who used me more than once. (I had a couple of companies book me four times, one family three times and several on two occasions!) Thank you too to those of you who already have me booked in for something in 2024! And if you are thinking of hiring me, get in touch and we can make 2024 the most magical year ever!

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