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"Show me your best trick!"

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

I'm often asked "What is your favourite trick?" of maybe "Show me your best trick!" And I must admit that's a tough one!

Fun Close-Up Magic from the best Magician in London!

What is the best magic trick?

I must admit that I dot not really watch too many other Magicians! And when I do I am generally more impressed with good performers as opposed to clever tricks. All of my favourite Magicians are not only great Magicians but also great entertainers! Of my favourite American Magicians Bill Malone could be an old school comedian with his great one liners and Wit Haydn and Terry Ward portray wonderfully funny characters - Pop Haydn & Jim Diamond - when they perform. As Does Matthew Wright from the UK. And my other two favourite British Magicians, Paul Gordon and Mark Mason are also kings of the one line gags too!

I also try to combine the magic with quick gags and humour. It doest not matter how amazing you are at sleight of hand you have to realise that a lot of the people in the room are not that interested in magic so they not only need to be amazed but also entertained too! As I've said before my style of presentation is a little like Bob Hope in those wonderful old "Road To" movies combined with fast and fun Close-Up Magic!

But if pushed, I really think my "Best tricks" are my openers! The effects I use early in the event when I first approach a group or table. I have two or three very quick, very visual and highly entertaining card tricks I would normally repeat many times in the night which although not my strongest effects or the most difficult to perform, I still think are my best! As the night goes on - or maybe afternoon, depending of the event! - I will perform more elaborate effects but I still think my openers with all the gags and audience participation are my best! A close second would be my Sponge Ball routine. It's another thing I might repeat with a few different groups and it too is fast and fun with lots of magic that involves everyone in the group and usually leaves them laughing and sometimes clapping too! I must also mention a wonderful Monte effect I have (Based on Paul Gordon's "Corner of Piccadilly") which I think I have performed at every booking I have ever done!

Cool Close-Up Magic from a great Party Magician!

Although these are not normally the ones people talk about, they tend to be the trick where a spectator draws a circle on a selected playing card and a pen is then pushed through the hole! The whole deck then disappears in the spectators hand! Or maybe the one where invisible coins are thrown into an ice bucket that is being held by a spectator and they land with a clunk and then turn visible! Or maybe "Broadway Sam" (which you can find on YouTube) an amazing card trick that is wonderful to see live!

At the moment my "Favourite trick" is probably my 3 Shell Game routine! Although I usually only get to perform it - in full - as part of my Parlour Show.

So, when you book me, make sure to ask me to show you my "Best" or maybe "Favourite Trick" and I will be happy to oblige!

Elegant Table Magic performed my a great Magician!

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