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  • Darren Whichello

Parlour Magic

I'm just in the process of putting together a little Parlour Magic Show! And I must say, I'm rather excited about it!

So, what is Parlour Magic I hear you ask?

It's a term which I imagine goes back to Edwardian or even Victorian times, when a suave, devilishly clever Conjuror would be booked to entertain guests with his amazing sleight of hand magic skills! The term, along with "Stand-Up Magic" is still used to today (by Magicians at least!) to describe the sort of magic which is maybe a little too big to be performed Close-Up in a strolling Mix & Mingle situation - maybe a table is needed or just a little more time - but is too small for a stage audience to apprciate.

The idea is, I turn up with my little fold-up table and everyone gathers around either sitting or standing and we have some fun! The show will be around 45 minutes but I could also perform a 30 minute version if preferred and possibly also perform some Close-Up Magic before we start. It will be particular good for smaller parties but could be adapted to suit any situation.

I have some wonderful effects that I rarely perform. This may be because either I need a table with a bit of room or they are maybe a little too involved or quite possibly I just do not have the pocket space to carry them me as I move around the party. So it will be great to have the opportunity to hopefully blow my audiences minds with some slightly longer routines or larger props!

So the idea is to take the eloquent, sharply dressed - bow-tie and all! - mysterious Victorian Conjuror and combine him with a modern day, quick talking showman and simply have some fun and make magic!

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