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My Magic Influences & favourite Magicians

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

I am now a busy professional Magician for hire but unlike pretty much every other Magician I did not get into magic as a young child. I was in my mid 40's when I first got the magic bug! (But that is a story for another day!) And as I was quite late getting started I decided to specialise in Card Magic - at first at least - and try to get good at one thing and not try to be able to do a little bit of everything! I spent all my free waking hours practising and probably dreaming about playing cards too! After mastering the basics I moved onto many of the far more complicated moves particularly gambling type moves and routines. But once I got into the real world performing for normal people - not other Magicians - I soon realised that most people are not that interested in gaming routines unless they are fun! In fact, once I started doing paid bookings I realised that much of the material I thought was good was only OK. My spectators, who most of the time are not at the party to see me, do not want long dragged out effects, they want fast and fun magic! And they also want a magician with energy! I have fine tuned all my tricks and routines over the years and have been very careful with my material, only picking the right tricks and not being into the latest faddy gimmick and magic trick that has just come out. As time went on I decided to add sponge balls, coins as well as tricks with rings, money, pens and so much more to my repertoire - including an amazing 3 Shell Game routine that sadly I do not get to perform as often as I would like! - and feel that now I am a very versatile performer but cards are still my first love!

I work very hard to build routines that are fast and fun and involve as many people as possible but that also suit my slightly retro character - a sort of magical Bob Hope from all those wonderful "Road To" films from long, long ago!

My favourite Magicians are all also great entertainers too! Probably the greatest influence on me was discovering the incredible American Bill Malone. Not only one of the best Card Magicians in the world but also very funny and so, so entertaining! I have copied a lot from Bill Malone. (And if you have not already seen it, you must check out Bill's award winning "Sam the Bellhop" routine on YouTube! I have copied much of what he does to create my "Broadway Sam" routine!) Another American performer I adore and have hopefully learned from too is Pop Haydn. He's a brilliant performer and I really love how he has invented a very cool character to portray when he performs. From the UK I have taken much from Mark Mason, the king of the one-liners as well as Etienne Pradier (and I know he's French, but he does live here!) But the Magician who I have taken most tricks and routines from is the great Paul Gordon. Not only a marvellous performer but also a genius at coming up with incredible card routines too! I'm sure there are many other performers who have influenced me too including former Magic Circle President Jack Delvin who personally taught me many great little moves and ideas! I like to think I have taken a little bit from all these great Magicians and many others too to create Darren Whichello, Magician for hire - The Rat-Pack Magician!

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