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Is it OK to perform at more than one gig in a day?

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

A busy Close-Up Magician

Should a Professional Magician perform at more than one gig in a day!

Well, for me the simple answer has always been yes!

From time to time I have more than one gig in a day - and once I had three bookings in the same day! - but I only accept the second booking if I am happy that I have enough time in between the gigs to give me a buffer just in case the timings go wrong. The first booking is always the main priority and I always tell the second client that I have an earlier or later booking and if they are happy with this so am I!

Recently though, I saw another Magician boasting that he would never take more than one booking in the same day and it made me think about whether I am doing the right thing?

I really can not see any problem with performing for more than one client a day! As long as each client is given the service they deserve surely that is fine, isn't it?

The day I had three bookings, I initially turned down booking number three but when the client explained that they were more than happy having me arrive a little later than they initially wanted and fully understood that I was going to performed at a wedding in the afternoon and a Las Vegas themed birthday party an hour or so before their party I though why not! All three gigs went very well and if anything I think I got better as the day/night went on!

I really do believe as long as you are honest with your clients and are completely happy with all the timings as well as your own ability and energy levels there is nothing wrong with doing as many bookings as you want to! - I have two tomorrow!

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