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A long hot summer of magic!

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

My name is Darren Whichello and I am a London based Close-Up Magician who specialises in fast & fun magic for parties, weddings & events in and around London and the South East. I call myself The Rat-Pack Magician mainly because of my slightly retro-look but don't worry I do not sing! I combine old school charm with a quick wit and cool modern Close-Up Magic.

My website is and to be honest I'm not going to say I am the best Magician in London (There are some very good ones including Derren Brown & Dynamo to name but two!) but I am a top class professional Magician who is not only very good at the tricks and routines I do but also great fun too!

I should have started this blog months ago as it has been an incredibly busy few months and such a joy performing on sunny days and hot nights! The world really is a better place when the sun shines!

I doubt this years will be a busy as last year - I went live at the end of May last years and although one or two events were called off around Christmas time, those seven months were just unbelievable! - it looks sure to be my second best year ever.

It so nice to be such a busy Close-Up Magician again after all those months of Covid.

There were a few Jubilee parties at the start of June but these summer months have consisited mostly 50th birthday parties and weddings with a few other bits thrown in there too. I like to think of myself as a Party Magician as well as a Wedding Magician. I have been performing far and wide including trips to Hertfordshire, Hampshire and a nice little wedding reception on the pier at Herne Bay.

I'm still waiting on pictures from the various events but did receive a few photos from the Weinor summer party which I did last month, thanks Hannah!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrows gig, a wedding at a venue by the name of MC Motors over in Dalston, which I am reliably informed is one of the coolest wedding venues in London at the moment! The bride is a lovely lady by the name of Katie and I performed at her birthday party way back in 2017. It's always great when clients book me again! (This is the third repeat booking this year!) Katie & Frederick booked me over a years ago which was a very good move as I have had so many other enquires about 27th but sadly the timings would not work for me to squeeze two bookings into the same day. Although this same weekend last year I had four wedding over the course of the bank holiday weekend!

I have some great new material to try out for the first time on a live audience as well as a few new little touches to add to some of my favourite routines too. It's funny, although I never get nervous before a gig anymore I am always a little worried as well as excited when I try something new out for the first time. It's so easy just to stay with the tried and tested routines but when the new tricks go down well it is a real buzz!

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